Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mission Statement

Plagiarism Adventure Research Endeavor (PARE)

The Plagiarism Research Endeavor is a blog dedicated to going through various Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Comic Book media and cull it for adventure ideas. There is a lot of media out there, and a lot of it is good and a lot of it is terrible. So in a way, this is a review site, but in another way it is a resource for taking a look at what media franchises are worth taking the time to investigate for adventure ideas.

In a less formal fashion; It's an excuse for me to watch movies, tv shows, and read comic books and relate them to making adventures.


Name: Specific Name of Property, this is especially notable since some franchises have multiple properties aligned with it.
Date: The initial broadcast/release date and final broadcast if need be.
Creator: The Originator of the property
Producer: Producer of the specific property.
Notable Writers: Many of the television shows and comic book series have multiple writers, and this is only to show the ones that were particularly noteworthy.
Wikipedia Link: The link to the appropriate wikipedia.org article for the specific property.

Overview: A basic description of the property. This will take up a lot of room. I'm going to avoid spoilers when and where I can, but it may be unavoidable.

Cultural Impact: A bit of note about what the particular property has done culturally.

Game Stuff:
Magic Level: This is availability of personal magic in the world. Not just the rarity of it, but also how powerful it is.
Technology Level: This is going to be a good one, it is a basic overview of the amount of technology. In general I'm going to use the basic guidelines that Alternity set out, because it is a good guide, and really self explanatory.
Magic Item Availability: How much magic items are around, this is different then Magic Level, because it is more independant from the person who actually cast it. Not only that, but often is stuff that is sitting around for ages that is encountered.
Great Adventure Sites: To be honest, this is the real gold mine. You can get all the adventures you want, but without an interesting place to put them, it isn't worth it. The great thing about media like I want to review is that it will provide plenty of great adventure locals.
Campaign Potential: A good made properties are so chuck full of ideas, and are basically a good idea in and of themself, that you could make the whole thing into an ongoing campaign. The thing is that almost anything can be made into a role-playing game nowadays, but what makes this different is I'm going to talk about the difficulty of converting it to different systems, and what potentially would be the best system to use.
Spoiler Potential: This is going to be a big one heavily influenced by the Cultural Impact. The thing is that an adventure is no good if the players will recognize it. Sometimes all that it requires is filing off the serial numbers, ie placing it in your game, but sometimes it is so recognizable that it will be virtually unusable by anyone. Seriously, if you put an adventure out with travelling far away to throw a Ring of Invisibility into a volcano, don't be surprised that your players know exactly what it is...